Learn about the elderly and elderly care in combination with language training

In August 2024, Diakonova Vocational School will start offering a program for refugees, labor immigrants, and immigrants. Here you will learn about Norwegian elderly care, gain work practice in nursing homes, and language training in health-related Norwegian.

Academic content, organization, and scope

The course begins in August 2024 and runs until December 2024, and will be held in Oslo. This is some of what we offer:

Introduction phase

A two-week introductory course is conducted before the start of teaching. This includes extensive language training and education in society and working life.

Physical gatherings

Teaching in the subject "Health and aging in an age-friendly society".

Work practice

You will be placed in nursing homes and residential communities for the elderly, where you will also receive guidance from supervisors.

Language training

A language teacher from Caritas will be responsible for language training, focusing on health-related Norwegian.

Benefits for participants in the project

  • Introduction to Norwegian society and elderly care
  • Practice in nursing homes
  • Language training
  • Improved job opportunities
  • Opportunity for further education

You will also receive proof of documented education. Completing and passing the exam gives 15 study credits.

Admission Requirements

Relevant education, courses, certificates, or work experience from the health sector, either from your home country or Norway

Interest in elderly and elderly care

Motivation to learn and study

Language requirements at level A-2 with the goal of reaching level B-1 during the course

Interested in Applying?

You can apply from 15.01.2024. We invite you to an information café in the spring of 2024.

Go to the application form
Have questions?

Please contact project leader Tove Kittelsrud if you wish to receive the application form or have other questions.

Fagskolen Diakonova is a non-profit vocational school within health and care subjects. The school has a diaconal, value-based, and inclusive profile.

Owned by The Norwegian Diaconal Home, Diakonova Haraldsplass Foundation, and Ferd. The school has campuses in Oslo and Bergen.

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